Portrait of Bernd Große Lordemann

Bernd Große Lordemann

Web Development & Business Strategy

Hey folks,
I'm Bernd, a freelance* professional based in Münster with over 15 years of experience in Web and Business Development.

🤓 I strongly believe in continuous learning, taking initiative, and going the extra mile. My approach is not just about completing tasks but also taking responsibility for aligning my actions with my clients' product goals.

👾 Ever since my time at university, creating state-of-the-art and easy-to-use websites and applications has been a genuine passion of mine. As a Web Developer, I have hands-on experience with various technologies, programming languages, frameworks, and Content Management Systems. Don't be shy to ask for details.

🚀 In my role as a Business Developer, I have practical experience with Design Thinking and agile tools like the Value Proposition Canvas and the Business Model Canvas. I'm also available as a mentor and coach for both short workshops and long-term mentorship programs.

* I'm currently not available for new projects. But feel free to reach out for a chat or to discuss future!


I have worked on roughly an equal amount of long-term product-focused projects and clearly defined website relaunches. For the more long-term projects, I utilized frameworks such as Angular, Vue JS, Laravel, and React. I'm also super exited about Svelte and Astro.
For website relaunches, I mainly used Wordpress, Kirby CMS, together with plain HTML, PHP, (S)CSS, and (Alpine) JS. Here's a brief incomplete overview of websites I've had the opportunity to develop recently:

Travel & Mobility Tech

Link: tnmt.com
Stack: Wordpress, JS, PHP, HTML, SCSS
Design: New Now